Those were the Days

I said, “Makes me feel as if I have the situation under control.” That made me chuckle.


Originally published on February 19, 2021 

Mr. Big Food will be teaching class from the Bunkhouse today. There is some worry that as it warms up out there– 23* already!– and ice on trees and lines starts to melt we may loose power.

This is my (embarrassingly dusty) Jackery 240 Power Station. 240 watt hours of stored electricity. I have the 160 also. I do not have the 300, 500, or 1000wh stations. Oh! I see the 300 has two AC outlets. That would be nice. The key thing, though, is its pass-through capacity. It can be recharging, and charging devices at the same time.

As it’s set up now, the only way Mr. Big Food would know that the power went out is if the lights go out.

He won’t need anywhere near what it can deliver (a bit more than 20 hours at current output), so plugging it into the wall is not really necessary, but what the heck? Makes me feel as if I have the situation under control.

Plus! If the power does go out, and the station starts to drain, I have the Jackery 60W Solar Panel ready to go.

Back to doing things.