The Old Truck

I loved that truck.

I’ve fallen behind in my reflections on last year. Will try to catch up today.

Afternoon Outing

Originally published on February 19, 2021

Thought I’d drive down the pristine driveway, to the road, and to the main road (stop laughing) to see what things look like. Paused to look at the lake. Slid a bit in a couple of spots but made it to the main road, turned around and started back up the hill.

Asked the neighbor for a shovel and he came out, tried it himself and had no better luck than I. Note that the 4WD is acting up. So the neighbor got his small tractor and some chains and he pulled and I drove a few feet and then the tractor’s back wheels just started spinning and spinning on the ice. There’s about 2″ of snow on top of 4″ of ice on the hill, in the shade.

So he went to look for a longer rope or something. (There was an idea.) While he was gone I tried 4WD LOW one more time and lo & behold– zoom!– off I went, pausing only to profusely thank the neighbor and discuss 4WD habits.

And now– back to a new project which is coming along quite nicely!