Spot of help, if you don’t mind

See my Dear WordPress letter.

I follow And I’ve been re-posting a bunch of Kid Blog posts there. (Trying to drum up sales for the holidays). But none of the posts is showing up in my WP Reader.

One of you folks will not be surprised by this revealing tidbit. (Cough 53). I am an experimentalist by nature. Had I not quit / been kicked out of the program right before I finished my PhD, I’d have gotten a degree in biology with a concentration in biostats and experimental design. (Funny how being uncredentialed didn’t suck any of that stuff out of my brain.)

Anywho. It’s time to collect some data.

Would you mind searching for missmissysschool dot com in your WP reader, and following the site for a few days? Let me know here if you’re seeing new posts.

Something’s wrong, and I’m convinced it’s at my end, but I need data.


3 Responses

  1. When searching for missmissysschool, I get many results from your other blogs as well as the site itself (in the right side of the screen). If I click on the site to read it within the WordPress reader, I get the title page, a note that there are three followers, and a “no recent posts” note. If I go directly to the site, I see posts.

    Another blog/site I follow, “Old Structures Engineering” has this same problem.

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