If you build it,

they will come.

Not necessarily.

I’ve been checking in on my WP Reader on a regular basis lately. It used to be an active place where I’d find interesting new things to read. To those reciprocal followers/following (you know who you are), I’m not talking about you. Your stuff is always interesting. What I’m saying is that my Reader, in toto, isn’t very active. New stuff doesn’t pop up as frequently as it used to.

So I looked the other day at the list of blogs I follow. Holy moly! The majority of blogs I follow are no longer active. If they’re not active, they’re not seeing my posts either. So I put on my stats hat and wondered what the average lifespan of a WP blog was. And yes. I did pause for a few seconds to contemplate how I wanted to search this question. I don’t really care what the average is because an average is not a robust statistic. What I really want to know is the median lifespan of a blog website. But then I got a grip on the reality of what I was asking DDG to do so I typed “average.”

I discovered this:

Research shows the average blog is dead after a mere 100 days.


Telling me that “Research shows” with no citation to the research that documents this statistic isn’t really showing me anything, but we’ll painfully set that aside for now.

So. First question. I need to update my following list. Who should I follow? You know me. Who do you recommend?

Second. Do you know I started a new blog? The Old Books Blog. It’s a multi-authored blog but the multi- part has come down to me and the guy who posts the Project Gutenberg daily update after fewer than 100 days. I still post my stuff on old books. Couple of interesting series. One on old cookbooks, another on the culture of the early 1960s. And then there’s Miss Missy’s School.


I love writing. I don’t mind editing at all. What I despise it marketing. I have all sorts of good ideas and can come up with promo materials, etc. But I’m not good at self-promotion.

And thus concludes this evening’s post.

Mr. Big Food clued me into what he’s going to be doing in the kitchen tomorrow to kick-off the Christmas weekend.

Did you catch that? Kick-off. Bowl games start tomorrow.