Thanks | Closing out ‘What a day’

I complain about the quality of customer service these days. But I wanted to compliment the people at WordPress/Jet Pack. The ‘Happiness Engineer’ (I’m not making this up) assigned to my problem at Miss Missy’s School was prompt, courteous, and though he didn’t solve the problem, actually tried.

Likewise, the tech support at my site hosting service was helpful, didn’t talk up or down to me regarding things going on under the hood of the site. It was refreshing.

I especially want to thank regular commenter, joebeth, at A Different Route. She voluntarily started following my Miss Missy’s School site to give me independent confirmation on the status of posts’ visibility. With her quick “I see it” comments, she delivered happiness this morning.

The subtitle of A Different Route is “Keeping in touch with friends & family.” I enjoy keeping up with joebeth’s friends & family.

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