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I saw the blog odometer roll over to 6999 the other day, took a screen shot, and then forgot about it until I was cleaning up my screen shots just now.

‘They’ say most blogs don’t last more than three month. And without wasting time to figure out if this is true, we’ll just run with it, and report that BigFood has been around more than three months.

I found something interesting–a real study on blog posts. It’s about 10 years old, but the results I think would still obtain today. (Link goes to an article about the study, but it links to the actual study.)

Here’s what they found regarding the life cycle of a post:

  • Shout: The “Shout” phase yields an initial steep spike in impressions that occurs within the first week to ten days, when 50 percent of a blog post impressions are generated.
  • Echo: The “Echo” phase begins shortly thereafter and lasts until day 30, when 72 percent of blog post impressions are realized.
  • Reverberate: The third, and likely least studied, phase in a blog post’s life cycle is the “Reverberate” phase. This phase makes up the 28 percent of remaining impressions and lasts from day 30-700. The Reverberate Phase is important for both content creators and marketers, as that is where the long tail value occurs. It is also the phase that most blog post impression metrics fail to take into account and quantify.

The reverberate phase is just fascinating. Here are this month’s top posts at BigFood, with original publication year:

Polenta 2019

Sausage 2012

Pudding 2022

Cross 2014

Peppers 2012

Stew 2019

Sausage Lyonnaise 2015

Bread 2016

Today 2023

Correct: “The study also confirms what many marketers already knew: that impressions vary depending on what the post is about. While some blog posts, like sweepstakes, see a spike in engagement over the first month, blog posts on topics such as recipes and thought-leadership deliver impressions over an extended period of time.”

Polenta published 1/2019

Pennsylvania Dutch Sausage is even more interesting. Published February 2012, on blogspot so those views are lost. I guess I moved to WordPress sometime in 2015.

LOL. At the end of site I’m looking at there’s a link to a post, “How to repurpose your content.”

And that’s it for today’s trivia.