Recipe: Tart Three Fruit Salad

Summer Jell-O Salad recipes

“A lovely salad to serve with cold sliced chicken, lamb, or ham”

“Unmold and serve on salad greens with mayonnaise.”—Winifred Green Cheney, The Southern Hospitality Cookbook (1976)


Makes 6 to 8 servings

11 oz can mandarin orange sections, drained, cut into small pieces
16 oz can grapefruit sections, drained, cut into small pieces
3 oz package lemon jell-o
2 C golden sweet ginger ale
1 medium-size avocado, peeled and sliced, cut into small pieces

Dissolve jell-o in 1 C very hot ginger ale, add 1 C cold ginger ale, pour a thin layer of jell-o mixture into bottom of a 1-quart mold greased lightly with vegetable oil or mayonnaise, and chill until firm. When firm, arrange fruit pieces and avocado slices in an attractive pattern over top, add remaining gelatin mixture to cover fruit, and chill until firm.