Good thoughts, please!

Afternoon update. Home. At bit groggy. Stiff leg. She’s tried and failed twice to jump on the bed. But other than that she’s doing well.

We dropped Missy off at the vet about an hour ago. She is having routine surgery to remove a growth on her hip. She’s in very good shape for a big dog her age (12), but she’s still a dog her age. We all would appreciate your good thoughts for her.

Thank you!

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    1. Thank you! It’s the anesthesia that worries me. She weighed in at 86 lbs. but is in pretty good shape for her age. I don’t like to think what going under does to old brains.

  1. I had to put down our old Doberman at the beginning of this month. We adopted her in 2012. Her guestimated age at that time was about 1 year – she was pregnant, but apparently had not had pups before. When she was picked up, the pound fixed her, which meant terminating the pregnancy. She had started mammary development so was probably about 4 weeks pregnant,
    About 2-3 weeks before I had her put down, I _think_ she may have had a stroke. She would walk around the house sort of against the walls… it seemed as if she was blind, although her eyes looked normal. She didn’t respond to calling her name. I had to block places that allowed her to get in and behind things – she seemed to get “stuck” if I didn’t. It was very strange.

    I haven’t replaced her, although there’s a female young dog in the pound that I may end up with – depends on whether someone adopts her before Wed. – when she’s scheduled to be put down. I’ll pick her up if she’s there Wed AM. Looks like a lab cross.

    1. That’s too bad. It’s sad to see them decline like that. But the benefits sure do outweigh the costs of losing them.

      I was starting to get really nervous because the vet’s office hadn’t called around when they thought they would. Turns out they had a wrong number for me.

      Good luck with the pup if that turns out.

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