Little bit of a scare

To the very few (I hope) who saw the graphic photograph of Missy’s wound/scare, I apologize.

Today’s the day we went cone-free and it seemed to me that it was finally okay to do so. A few hours later I looked and saw a splash of red. Called vet in absolute frustration. Since the vet’s office is on a landline (and no one volunteered their cell phone number for me to text to) the quickest way to get them to see what it looked like as for me to put it online here.

Whew. They called me back and said it’s healing fine, and that older dogs take longer to heal. So the cone is gone (except when I leave the house, I’m not taking any chances).

On a related note, Missy spent the better part of an hour after the cone first came off cleaning her face. Imagine not washing your face for three weeks. Poor dear.

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