Little bit of rain came through just as we returned from the grocery early this morning. We’re now holding steady in the high 70˚s. Mr. Big Food is working on his slides and lectures for next week’s classes. I am supposed to be working on my ‘About the Author’ statement for a short story submission.

Young-feeling old lady lives on farm in Mississippi. Has lots of old books.

That’s probably not going to work.

I did a cover letter yesterday which got good reviews from Mr. Big Food, Daughter C, and Miss M. (Kat and Tony were flying so excused from commenting.)

Hat tip to Miss M who described the writing as ‘lyrical’ when she read it last week.

I cracked myself up claiming to be a “historically underrepresented writer.” But it’s true! Name me another woman writer of my age with a similar background who lives in rural Mississippi. Laura Ingalls Wilder may have been 65 when Little House in the Big Woods was published, but she lived in Missouri, not Mississippi, so she doesn’t count.

What else to kill some time? Oh!

As you know, Mr. Big Food has been working on the Esquire cookbook, Eat Like a Man, and he found a breakfast recipe that sounds amazing. Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, caviar, and potatoes. A man is supposed to prepare it and then together with his woman, eat in bed. Scandalous! So we went looking to the particular kind of caviar it called for. $135 per one ounce. And we’d need two.

I said I really loved him, and if I could sell a million books I wouldn’t feel bad splurging. But as it is, spending $270 on a dollop of fish roux is a bit much. I do love caviar, though.

Buy my book! Thanks.

Back to work. Hope your day is quiet in a good way as well.