It’s that time of year

Add an extra five or ten minutes to get anywhere if it involves traveling on a two-lane road. I could have passed in the middle lane, but we had to make a stop in about a quarter mile so it didn’t seem worth it.

For the most part the fellows driving these rigs–and the really big thing that took up almost two lanes was behind us–are pretty courteous. We ran into them again just outside of town after our stop, and they’d pulled over to let traffic pass.

The cotton picking started earlier this week.

Photo taken last Saturday. These are the old style rectangular bales. In the last couple of days Mr. Cotton Farmer has switched to round/cylinder bales which are much larger but take up less 2-dimensional space. I will have to ask around to figure out what’s going on. Everyone’s moving to the round bales but doing round requires different equipment–and it ain’t cheap. Maybe I’ll catch Mr. Cotton Farmer in the field and ask him directly.

Meanwhile, it’s that time of year–getting on hunting season.

Neither Academy nor WalMart has any ammo to speak of. So I looked into what the local guy had.

Ran into a neighbor.