Breakfast Table

An old friend of ours came out to The Farm for a couple of days late this week. We put her up in the Apartment–which she enjoyed. She and Mr. Big Food spent most of their time on campus (when we weren’t sitting around the kitchen table drinking bourbon).

But we invited a few other folk out for supper yesterday evening. It was fun. I spent a couple of days prettifying the joint. Too many people to eat at the dining table, so sort of informal with some nice formal flairs. Laid the bar out on the dining table, and apps on the breakfast table. As I said, it was fun getting the good stuff out. The guest from Georgia (country, not state) really seemed to appreciate it.

This morning we had a nice breakfast of biscuits, homemade sausage, and fruit before she left for Kentucky in her little EV. (Chuckle. To each his own.)

I rarely talk about Mr. Big Food’s other life here, but I have to say, I miss the entertaining we used to do when he was department head. Not sure I want to have gatherings approaching 100 any more since there are no daughters living here to help. But it sure would be nice to have 6-8, 10-12 people out every now and again.


One of my very favorite things about having company (now that we’re all grow-ed up and don’t have to pick up beer cans all over the house and yard) is the cleanup. Seriously. Gathering up the crystal and china and silver that you took such care to choose for the occasion. Washing it, polishing it, putting it away until next time.

Whenever that may be.