Thanksgiving Inspiration

We had dinner a bit early yesterday so we could watch the Egg Bowl (State vs. Ole Miss) which started at 6:30. Plan was to have dessert while watching. At the last minute, I decided we needed to have a brandy and a coffee to go along with the sweet potato pie, so I got a very nice Melitta decaf and made an Italian pot, and frothed some cream. Even managed to find the demitasse spoons.

Won’t be long until leftovers for lunch, and then… Leftover Turkey Gumbo for supper. One of my favorite parts of the weekend.

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    1. I do love the actual dinner, but Friday supper is so cozy. And I like the one pot all day long aspect. John’s getting ready to pull the carcass from the pot (huge pot) now and then go to work on putting up turkey stock. And then… the roux!

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