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One thing leads to another. I returned to Lewis’s The Four Loves, the chapter on Friendship. He says the following of friendships of more than two: Lamb says somewhere… May god, Man! Where does Lamb say this? Moved on to some chronology of American culture. Finished up by looking into the early publication history of

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Pasta e Fagioli

Marica cooks Wednesday is coming up! And I am tired of making my old standbys. So I went in search of something new. This grandma is also making a couple of adaptations. I’ll be using cannellini beans rather than cranberry (because I have dried cannellinis), and ziti rather than tubetti pasta. We do have 2

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What more is there to say?

I see it’s been a couple of years since I posted this. Grumble. I want to see the trash truck come rumbling up the driveway. Followed by the propane truck and the mail man’s jeep. How’s everyone holding up?