One thing leads to another.

I returned to Lewis’s The Four Loves, the chapter on Friendship. He says the following of friendships of more than two:

Lamb says somewhere…

May god, Man! Where does Lamb say this?

Moved on to some chronology of American culture. Finished up by looking into the early publication history of Wodehouse in the States.

One can get sidetracked by Jeeves.

All in service of “Alice’s Lives.”

Anyhow. Mr. Big Food is doing Science things up in Memphis and the dogs and I are by ourselves one more evening.

For these times when we are apart, Mr. Big Food provisions me with a big old pan of one of several dishes that I don’t mind having for breakfast, lunch and supper. This week was lasagna. But after 3-4-5 meals in a row–I punched it up with scrambled eggs this morning but had lasagna again for lunch–I yearned for something different. So I ordered Jacks 3-piece chicken meal online and drove to pick it up. What a disaster.

Watched To Catch a Thief last night. Never been a fan of men’s trousers being belted at the actual waist but Cary Grant pulls it off well.

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