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Remembrance Day Reflections

As the secular Memorial Day weekend draws to a close, I’d say it was a productive start to summer and a relaxing– in a bone tired sort of way– long weekend. Last afternoon’s storms continued into morning. No farm work in the rain so no reason to wake with the chickens. We enjoyed morning coffee talking […]

Oh My Goodness! We Should Play A Game!

We could resurrect the Dinner Party with fictional characters. We could learn more words. “Boooorrrrringgggg.” “ruff.” We could dig into those sentences in that canister. That’s some history. “You could, if you were so inclined, remember us, Marica. I mean, seriously, I spent almost the entire day in my box. “I remember you! You’re my […]

That’s It for the Recipes– Now on to the Books!

That's It for the Recipes-- Now on to the Books!

The other day I said, Just so you know, Mr./Ms-Low-Man-On-The-Totem-Pole-Who’s-Tasked-With-Following-My-Little-Blog, this coming Monday is the first Monday of the month. That’s the once-a-month day the Public Library in Starkvegas has its book sale. I’ll be there. I’ll be especially interested purchasing crappy old books pertaining to American and English history, as well as those containing […]

I was doing some research–

I was doing some research--

well, if you can call skimming through a crappy old book, “doing research”– and I happened upon a photo I thought Plykers especially might be interested in seeing. Remember John von Neumann, one of Tony’s Guests at the Dinner Party Conversation Game? John said, “Young man, in mathematics you don’t understand things. You just get […]

Signs of the Times | The Girl from Alabama Comes to Town

Signs of the Times | The Girl from Alabama Comes to Town

Today I had the distinct pleasure of being on the campus of a large land-grant university where our friend talked with some Honors students about justice in Honors Cultures, and contrasted that with “institutionalized” justice.*     We Southerners have a well-honed sense of Honor. As is my habit when on a public university campus, […]

It’s an Honor to Be Nominated!

It's an Honor to Be Nominated!

PREFACE: I had a lot of work to do today, and I knew there was a storm brewing. And there was. It took me all day and into the wee hours (it’s 10pm and the lights have just come back on) to get this done. Plus… Miss M & Tony are real troopers about conversing […]

“What would you like to talk about?”

I was one-upped by Miss M’s Friend the other day. I pronounced the Dinner Party Game finished. He countered with a question, “How can we be finished when our guests haven’t had any conversations?” Right he was! How can you have people such as we all invited around a table and then not allow them […]