About Big Food, Big Garden, Big Life in rural mississippi

Big Food: Recipes and more from my husband “Mr. Big Food’s” Big Food Manual and Survivalist Flourishing Guide, now with over 22,000 32,000 [edit 8/19/18] recipes! From the Introduction

For more than thirty years I’ve collected and cooked out of old cookbooks. Many have spiral or other types of non-glued binders, indicating local publication. Most are compilations of recipes by local cooks, mostly in southern, southwestern, and western regions of the United States of America. This is real people’s food—fresh, simply prepared, and delicious. It’s the same food Americans were eating a century ago, updated with some spices and recipes that more recent immigrants have added to the mix that is real American home cooking.

Real American home cooking is a food heritage that needs and deserves to be preserved. It is one of the few remaining aspects of American life and culture that needs and deserves preserving. The Big Food Manual and Survivalist Flourishing Guide is deliberatively and self-consciously “retro.” Yet I’ve served this food to groups, both large and small, of very sophisticated eaters. I’ve received few complaints, and a lot of “My grandmother used to make this!” comments.

These recipes emphasize fresh, non-processed ingredients. ‘Homemade’ is emphasized throughout. This is the kind of food that kept Americans alive and thriving well into their 80s, long before government and scientific nannies began intervening into our private eating and drinking decisions “for our own good.” …

Big Garden: Self-explanatory

Big Life: Big Food + Big Garden + some talkative Big Dogs +  ~2000 ~3300 Crappy Old Books all living on a Big Farm in rural Mississippi. (See also Aristotle.)

IMG_3847A Big Thanksgiving turkey in a Big cooking bag

“Big” is such a funny word, isn’t it? Three little letters so often used to negatively modify certain nouns: BIG government, BIG corporations, BIG business. Or used to comment negatively on an individual: “You’re too BIG for your britches,” “You think you’re such a BIG shot.”

IMG_3530A Big patch of melons and sweet potatoes

Big doesn’t have to be bad, as I hope to show.

021011093410A Big snow, by Mississippi standards

I like to think Buddy lived a Big Life here on the farm.

IMG_3890A Big fire

IMG_3942A Big Dog with a Big Heart

Rest in Peace, Buddy.

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