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I have no excuse

I have no excuse for not posting anything meaningful for such a terribly long time. I have at least a half dozen or more. But first! Saturday Dear and Faithful Reader and Commenter, SueK– seeing that I hadn’t even posted anything from The Week in Pictures– took it upon herself to keep up this tradition.

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R.I.C.E. is B.S.

So the other day Missy plowed into me on our way to the hidden pasture and I twisted my ankle. Missy is a Smart Dog. But she failed to define the parameters of the space she was negotiating. She knew it immediately as I fell. Anyhoo. Who wants to talk about sprained ankles? R.I.C.E. is

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You don’t say

It comes down to whether your worldview is angry enough, because anger is the only possible response to the world; the anger is fueled by impotence, which is shunted off into blame, which mixed with impatience and a soupçon of despair, and before you know it you’re in the bar after work in Manhattan having

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@SueK!! I think the baby is coming!! HELP!!

What do you think? She will not shut up. She’s got what looks like an utter to me. And her rear is seriously swollen. Good grief. I have no idea how to turn that around. Please twist your head. Thanks!


Mr. Big Food and I have a paper forthcoming in a book. Yadaya. Publishers want some AutoBio stuff. Here you go. “One of us asked the other if she remembered when she first realized she was a libertarian. She did not. After some reflection, though, she did recall when she began to understand what it

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