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One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...

Poor quality photo. Sorry. She won’t sit still in front of the camera and I have a hard time changing the settings in the dark. Who here remembers the seat of your pants light speed to sound speed to distance conversion factor, with respect to lightening & thunder and miles? See a flash. Start counting,

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“Summer Activities”

Check yourself, your family and your pets regularly for ticks. If someone gets bit, ice the bite and call a vet or doctor, they may want to check for lyme disease or other infections. At AccuWeather. Yesterday, as I was ripping out the last of yellow squash, I noticed a tick on my leg– a

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I am doing everything I can think of to do to help Rocky continue to assert his dominance over Missy. [Diagram that!] It ain’t easy.     She outweighs him by roughly 20 pounds, now.  When they play tug-of-war he still wins. He’s a pretty smart powerful little dog. But at some point, she will learn

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