Author: Marica


“Do editors even exist anymore?”

That’s what Mr. Big Food asked after I read him some words and we both said, “That’s not a complete sentence.” “Also remember, as Saharan dust becomes more widespread into mid and late-week.” Sort of leaves you hanging, don’t it?

Prepping for The First Meeting of The Farm Circle

OMG. I spelled “PHILOSOPHERS” wrong. Well. ^O. I can fix that. It’s a sidewalk sign for a bar. What do you want? Consider it part of its charm. Mr. Big Food asked folks to bring apps for the social hour after the talk. They’ll email him and I’ll hand write the menu for the week.

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Today we went to Southaven

I will be completely honest with you, I paid no attention to what was goin on in Southaven. Southaven is the uber smart suburb of Memphis, just to the south– in Mississippi. No one with a brain inside his skull wants to live any where near Memphis. Memphis is bleeding all over Southaven. So there

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