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Easter Lily Cookies

EASTER LILY COOKIES 1 C egg yolks1 C sugar½ tsp vanillaPinch salt1 C flourSweetened whipped cream and cherries (for garnish, when ready to serve) Preheat oven to 375˚. Beat egg yolks until light, then add sugar gradually, beating constantly. Add vanilla and salt, then stir in flour with a spoon. Drop batter onto greased baking

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Jó napot!

Good day! Today is a day of traditions. Throughout the late morning and afternoon Mr. Big Food and I will putter around the kitchen putting together our traditional New Year’s Eve supper dishes. At some point I will gather up silver coins for us to put into our pockets (and under our pillows) as we

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Start The Year Off Properly

A rerun of Powerline’s The Week in Pictures from New Years 2016. Enjoy! Chuckle! Via Powerline’s the Week in Pictures.

Merry Christmas!

A fairly long and fun excerpt from Chapter XXI, “The Big Day,” in Miss Missy’s School: A Pack of Farm Dogs Starts a School is here. You’ll never guess what the Big Day is!