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Mother’s Day

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. Thackeray

The breakfast table is set for Mother’s Day Brunch

Dang. I forgot to add the sprimp forks. There’s a shrimp course. Shrimp forks are now on the table.


 Surprise! It’s a Mother’s Day guest blog post! by Miss M from 2014 I have the best daughters!

A Gardening Post

I am over-run with books right now. And I have not, regrettably not, finished Spring Cleaning. That’s essential. That and the list for Daughter C. But Daughter C has caught the gardening bug. And so I am thinking about the garden, and trying to supplement Daughter C’s reading with some experience. Here we go. Miss

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Children are cool!

(For Marlena Rose) Late yesterday evening Daughter C and I were sitting out on the patio and we noticed the sun. It was blood orange to our eyes. Beautiful. Yes. There are lots of beautiful sunsets here at the Farm. This was one was different and if I were to put my weather-forecasting– or even

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I’m the BEST!

I'm the BEST!

I was told so repeatedly today by my daughters, who are, by the way, the best! They gave me a half a bushel and three buckets full of gifts! All wrapped up in hearts & flowers! Before I continue chronicling My Day, I should report that Mr. Big Food is happy to be back on

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