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Late night conversations with Missy & Rocky


“This means you can make The Friends of The Library Book Sale held every first Monday of the Month unless the first Monday is a holiday in which case it’s held the second Monday of the Month which is the case in September 2016. But your flight out isn’t until … scrolling down… 6:30pm so

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Not much

“Marica?” “Oh, hey, Missy! What’s up?” “Ruff?” “Not much, Marica. Just thinkin’.” “ruff.” “Thinkin’ about what, Missy?” “ruff?” “Not much, Marica.” “Ruff.”

“I have a story!”

“Okay, hey, Missy.” “Marica! I would like to tell a story. I’m sure I could do my story justice. I am well versed in the English Language. It would be a story about a little dog named Bebe and my friend Gilbert, and my dear Friend Rocky and me– I mean myself– and ” “Missy….

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“Yes, Missy.” “What is happening? You seem to be preparing to disrupt our well-loved routine. I see that there’s a small bag of those tasty nibbles– on top of which you scrape your breakfast leftovers– over there by the door. My Dear Friend and I are not stupid, Marica. We know when change is coming.”

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Grumpy Uncle Rocky

Missy: My Dear Friend, why are you so short with that sweet little Bebe thing? Rocky: Ruff? Gil: Sister’s right, Man. You do get a bit testy with Bebe. Rocky: Ruff? Me: Oh, guys! Give Uncle Rocky a break! At least he’s not snarling at Bebe any more. Missy: Truer words were never spoken, Marica.

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“Hey, Marica?”

“Yes, Missy! What’s up?” “I am getting sort of old, Marica… “ “RUFF!” “OH NO YOU’RE NOT!” “I am. I am almost plus or minus five years old now.” “Oh my God, Missy. I sure do love you but you really have to stop fighting me on this one. When you say, ‘Plus or minus,’

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