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Food we grow, cook and eat at Farther Along Farm

Recipe: Classic Sunday Supper

No pictures b/c you can do this yourself with little instruction. RECIPE: SCALLOPED POTATOES AND RING SAUSAGE Get yourself some whole potatoes and a fully cooked ring sausage like Hill Shire Farms. Slice the potatoes thin. Put them in a baking dish with pats of butter. Sprinkle a couple of Tablespoons of flour over them.

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What to make of this?

Picked up supper at The Asian Market in Starkvegas yesterday. Business was hopping! Dine in is still not open but the takeout orders were stacked up and it was only 5:30. Good to see. Lots of new people working there and the Help Wanted sign was still up. FYI for those who know the store,

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