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Our Big Life on Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi

Wack it upside with a hammer

You may recall that I’ve had some problems with the Weather Monitor. Turns out, it’s the sensor. You need to wack it upside with a hammer and wait about 30 seconds, and lookie there. There was but not longer is a signal. Worthless piece of crap. I’ve a good mind to bang on the fence

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Books. They’re everywhere.

Here. Chief among the tasks to be accomplished in advance of the arrival of the Apartment’s new tenant is the cleaning and shelving of the books. This required the thorough changing of the those shelves on the left which have spent the past 10+ years in the garage. That was a chore, as was transporting

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Where’s Frank?

The other day SueK sent a link to a blog she’d found. A New Jersesian transplanted to North Carolina. Funny stuff. I can’t find the link but it is to a blog authored by someone who we both figured out was no more. Given that she was in NC, it wasn’t hard to find her

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