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Our Big Life on Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi


Powerline’s The Week in Pictures

Madness, I say

Best in a long time

What we’re watching

Recommended. First season takes a few episodes to get going but it’s worth it.

Sunset in Biloxi

We’ve decided we like the western part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast better than the eastern.


Short Story | Short Time

Trying to get a short story done and submitted. Must be postmarked* March 1. Still have a lot of work to do on it–though I’m now into the weedy part that I enjoy doing. It’s something different. We’ll see if I can make it happen. Wish me luck! *Yes. The journal only accepts printed, mailed

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Set it on fire

The next thing Miss M did was direct a beam of light at my jeans. You should have heard here when they caught on fire. This is one story for the ages. Today we went fishing. Nothing. Tomorrow they leave.

Nothin’ biting

But they had fun, got muddy, and got their lures stuck several times. This photo was from early on when Grandpa John thought he was going to fish. Ha. Ha.

Miss M & Jack

Two young men

secretly picked flowers for Grandpa John and I today.

Just open the door

and let them out! We set up the trail cam. That’ll be fun in a couple of days.

Clock-wise, Counter Clock-wise, Clock-wise

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.