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Our Big Life on Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi

Fancy @The Farm

Last evening, Mr. Big Food asked if we could invite the Berkley Prof to The Farm and I said, “Sure.” Turns out the Berkley Prof was a normal human being. Waitressed at a DQ Dairy Queen when she saw a teen. Maybe there is hope.

What does it mean to be ‘smart’

So the Farm Hand & I are working in the Asparagus patch. He’s an A-B student. In a decent school district. His Dad is a biology teacher, FFS. His Mom’s a nurse. And he going on & and on about how smart we are. I tell him that he’s smarter that he thinks he is.

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According to the internet

It’s dry back here in The Den. It’s 50 degrees outside. Which means the indoor relative humidity should be 50%. It’s 41%. I’m pumping water into the atmosphere of The Den as fast as I can. Up to 42% !!