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Our Big Life on Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi


Powerline’s The Week in Pictures.


One thing leads to another. I returned to Lewis’s The Four Loves, the chapter on Friendship. He says the following of friendships of more than two: Lamb says somewhere… May god, Man! Where does Lamb say this? Moved on to some chronology of American culture. Finished up by looking into the early publication history of

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Start The Year Off Properly

A rerun of Powerline’s The Week in Pictures from New Years 2016. Enjoy! Chuckle! Via Powerline’s the Week in Pictures.

Breakfast Table

An old friend of ours came out to The Farm for a couple of days late this week. We put her up in the Apartment–which she enjoyed. She and Mr. Big Food spent most of their time on campus (when we weren’t sitting around the kitchen table drinking bourbon). But we invited a few other

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It’s that time of year

Add an extra five or ten minutes to get anywhere if it involves traveling on a two-lane road. I could have passed in the middle lane, but we had to make a stop in about a quarter mile so it didn’t seem worth it. For the most part the fellows driving these rigs–and the really

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Today was an interesting day

This is a repost from October, 2016–our first year of doing A&S tailgates for 120 or so. I could write a book about the tailgate years. The socket jumped off the ball because no one had tended to the trailer for years until we took over and the socket (or whatever it’s called) was so

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