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Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll

Now that I’ve gotten your attention… More from Powerline’s The Week in Pictures as I review and have coffee.


Little bit of rain came through just as we returned from the grocery early this morning. We’re now holding steady in the high 70˚s. Mr. Big Food is working on his slides and lectures for next week’s classes. I am supposed to be working on my ‘About the Author’ statement for a short story submission.

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What are you looking at?

Or, on the off chance the ostrich is a grammar nut, “At what are you looking?”


Just something I saw on the old internet.

Tuesday morning

We need something new. What’s it going to be? Made an old stand-by Summer favorite yesterday, Salad Nicoise and Dilly Casserole Bread. Very refreshing, and I’m anxious for lunch to enjoy it again. Gotten a few more crappy old books in the last little while. The Life of John Marshall is quite unlike what I

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Funny, but…

No. Insects do not have skeletons, therefore they have no skulls. What are they teaching in schools these days? The Week in Pictures

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick is described as no more than five miles (8 km) long and three miles (5 km) wide and lies in a fold in the Northern Alps. The imaginary country features three valleys, a river, and a mountain with an elevation of 2,000 feet (610 m). On the northern slopes are 400 acres (160 ha) of

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