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Inbox, answered

SUBJECT: Get your next book recommendation from a celebrity’s reading list No thanks. What does my bookshelf say? I have a lot of crappy old books. Have you ever wondered…? I have NEVER wondered. Click through… . No thanks. Delete.

Answer this

Why aren’t there affordable sticker like things that you can stick to things that frequently go missing and an app that you could use to find them? Like, “Where’s my remote?” is a thing. Why isn’t there a “Where’s my favorite flashlight?”

You would have thought

after 10+ years of explaining Oxford, Mississippi to people who don’t understand Oxford, Mississippi, I should be able to explain Oxford, Mississippi better. But I cannot. So join us tomorrow as we visit Oxford, Mississippi. It will a sight to behold. They lost to Florida! BIG! This will be a topic of conversation. As State’s

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