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Heads falls on keyboard

There’s a coin shortage? Why was I not informed? How am I supposed to have a TIP jar on the bar at the next meeting of The Farm Circle if there’s a coin shortage? This has gotten out of hand. It’s Drudge Work Monday. I am going to go turn over some chair cushions.

It’s Prisoners’ Dilemma Day!

How exciting! Today is the day we tape Mr. Big Food’s brief lecture to his Business Ethics students on the Prisoners’ Dilemma, and solve some problems. I did not realize this, but next Wednesday is the last day of (ir)regular classes before finals begin. Mississippi State has taken what I think is a quite reasonable

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Covered Casseroles

<short rant> F*ck you If It Doesn’t Give You Joy Today Chick</short rant> So. If you, like me, like poking around junk stores, you will have come across abandoned sets of dishes with not the right number of plates and an over abundance of covered casseroles. Who serves things in covered casseroles these days? Well.

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