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“So pull up a chair,

"So pull up a chair,

get a cocktail, and we’ll talk about life,” was the response to my query, “What are y’ll doin’?” We decided to move. Mr. Big Food was fixing supper. It rained. So. Daughter C loves the Farm and Miss M. is here, on the Farm. Excepting Kat & Ton–and Max– deciding to move here, it’s not

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Ch ch ch changes

Daughter C is on her way home from North Carolina. I’ve been instructed to get Kitten out of “our room,” and to not put Rocky in there tonight, for an obvious reason. The dynamic at The Farm is about to change. And once more I ask, “What’s the point of having a farm in rural Mississippi

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This is what becomes of you when you drop out of Home School

This is what becomes of you when you drop out of Home School

Another Picasaweb find. With apologies to Miss M., who is very smart. (She carries a dictionary in the trunk of her car! And knows proper fork placement. Don’t mess with her. G.M.O.Y.A.)~~ There’s an interesting discussion about education and educating going on over at Bookworm Room.

The kitchen table: We don’t fry food that often but when we do…

The kitchen table: We don't fry food that often but when we do...

Yet another photos with no captions post. Supper was awesome. The okra in the fritters was home grown. The jalapenos in the hushpuppies were homegrown.  Gulf shrimp. We boiled down the water that we’d blanched 20+ pounds of summer squash in for veggie stock. It’s rumored we will need veggie stock.