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The Apple Environment | The Google Environment | & The Night Sky

Not long ago Kat was talking about divesting environments– putting a little more Android in her life. We have a house guest. I thought the quickest way to give him the password to our AT&T FWI was just take a pic of the info on the side of the router and text it to him.

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It’s almost like living in the modern world!

I am pleased to report that our internet speeds with AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet continue to surpass my expectations. Download speeds are still about 4 times faster than they are using Verizon’s Jet Pack (or my phone as a hotspot). Upload speeds are… let me do the math… roughly 80 times faster. 80x. From about

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So I have a new piece of tech==nology

goof lorf=d. Lets see— let’s see if my no-ew piece of technology is capoe cape capable whew! Of of learning Smart humans are smarter than smart tecx   WWAIAT! What just happened? good lord.   So now i have to learn how to do swipe and === swippinga= snipping and keyboarding on one thing .

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Maybe If I Hit You Harder You Will Understand

Calm down. I’m talking to my phone. Gallery>Select> funny little symbol>bluetooth> Marica’s Macbook Pro>send. Sending 8 files. And where are those 8 photos I want to send from my phone to my computer? Who the heck knows. RESET.