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NWS Twitter

National Weather Service Twitter is not bad Twitter as Twitter goes. I follow a lot of NWS accounts from all directions (and including all directions around The Girls). As happens with every impending event(s), the Gulf accounts are starting to tweet out “useful” graphics and lists. This is nice. But. Do they ever consider that

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The reason we still have a landline phone is because when the AT&T internet goes down, and the AT&T cell service goes out, and the AT&T customer service number is (dododo) no longer in service, I can call Miss M and ask her to look up a phone number for AT&T. Six freaking hours.

Deeply disturbing

I cannot find my little orange notebook in which are recorded all of the specifications for all of my when-the-lights-go-out gizmos and thingies, and data from all of the observations I’ve made about charging times, run times, recharging times under AC vs solar conditions. This is deeply disturbing. Where could it be?