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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I saw the blog odometer roll over to 6999 the other day, took a screen shot, and then forgot about it until I was cleaning up my screen shots just now. ‘They’ say most blogs don’t last more than three month. And without wasting time to figure out if

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Technical issues

And good morning to you, too! Things are amiss in my little kingdom. I have the WooCommerce plugin installed at Miss Missy’s School. I have a funny and engaging little short story from what I’m calling “The Times Before Miss Missy’s School” series ready to go. I thought I might try to generate some spare

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The Turbo Encabulator

I am astonished that as old as I am, I had never heard of The Turbo Encabulator until yesterday. H/t @53old This is some funny stuff.