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Let’s talk about the weather.

Arriving This Afternoon

What remains of Beta. Not even 70* out there yet! Speaking of weather. We moved to Mississippi on Labor Day weekend 2009. There was measurable precipitation at the Starkvegas airport for 40 straight days mid-September through late October. Carry on!

My money’s on rain tomorrow

And did you see those temps? It will be a cold rain. My Mackintosh is hanging ready. And speaking of my money… . I still don’t have enough of it to buy that complete 10 volume set of Toynbee’s Study of History which is going for about $600+. Hit the Tip Jar, please. Instructions here,

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I just texted The Girls

“As I suspected, and as none of the local forecasters noticed, there’s a shit ton of thunder and lightning going on right now.” To which M Miss and replied “How rude of them.” And I said, “Inconsiderate.” You would have thought they’d have seen this coming.