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Let’s talk about the weather.

News Travels Fast through the WAN

WAN: Wild Animal Network Earlier today in Punxsutawney (I can spell that without looking it up), Phil proclaimed that we would not have six more months of winter. And lo & behold, the news reached Mississippi by sunset! THE PEEPERS ARE PEEPING! Their offspring are destined to perish in the next wave of coldness— which

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FYI. It’s about 30 degrees just before 6. There is no snow. I think Birmingham got <1”. And the rain we got was the rain it rained when I let missy out last evening. But the university is closed. All day. You know what’s funny about that? There’s a meteorology program at State. That’s where

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Pay attention

Late this afternoon, the wind shifted from the south / southeast to the west. It got windy. And then, around 7pm, the wind died down entirely. At 8 it had picked up decidedly, coming from the west. By the time I let Missy out– thirty minutes ago– it was pelting rain and the wind was

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Why is it raining? We do not need rain. We have had enough rain. I am tired of listening to the rain hit the tin roof. There is no good reason for it to be raining, again. Resolved: Stop complaining about the weather.