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Let’s talk about the weather.

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Overall, the models remain in good agreement, although the GFS and ECMWF have shifted a little to the left of their previous forecasts. The new official forecast is similar to the previous forecast and lies near the various consensus models. TWiP is not up yet.

Overcast Run

We’ll see what happens with that tropical storm. I am not yet convinced too very much will happen– not just in these parts but in general for the Gulf Coast– but what do I know? We are probably in for some rain the next few days, so we drove up to the Summit of the

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Stay tuned.

It will be interesting to watch this throughout the day. The top shot is from the radar in Columbus, Miss. The system is moving southeast to northwest at just under 20knots. The bottom shot is from Jackson, Miss. radar. That system is moving southwest to northeast at just over 10knots. Crash? Looks a lot like

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Two filets and a movie

Mr. Big Food grilled two filets this evening. They were perfect. The steak knives self-identified as butter knives. We had real onion rings and Spicy Frozen Cucumbers as sides. And then we fed Jack & The Dummies, came inside, and finished watching The Odd Couple. A disturbing movie when watched with some years under your

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