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Let’s talk about the weather.

Today in Mr. Big Food’s World | Where are the Humans?

A publisher sent Mr. Big Food page proofs for a paper he has coming out in a respected academic journal. The first four pages are instructions on how to make corrections, and a list of corrections that need to be made. I was standing beside him when he began scrolling through the suggested corrections which

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Winter Status Update

CHECK: — 80% of 1100 pounds of LP (liquid propane) to fire whole-house furnaces, gas water heaters, wall unit in Bunkhouse. [You’re only allowed to fill any given sized tank up to 80% : tanks are full] — Cord of seasoned red oak, split, stacked & ready to burn [Chimney sweep was here year before last,

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My prediction:

We’re gonna get some wind and rain. Long time readers of this blog– Hey Suek!–  know I make fun of the weather prediction folk. They have outdone themselves with Irma. BRB

The Next Several Hours

There’s a chance of rain, which is fine by me. I’ve noticed something. Those who have followed along know that I have a thing about– some issues with– weather forecasting. Even before I started to blog I kept spreadsheets of forecasts and actuals. The columns were, The Weather And I did some

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It’s very foggy this evening.

There were severe ThunderStorms earlier. There was disorganized hail. I think we responded properly. Daughter C and I are going to review our Emergency Provisions this weekend. We are coming on Tornado Season, afterall.  

I do believe

it’s going to rain soon. Sort of no getting around it.


I am not one to criticize local custom but, c’mon, man. Six inches is not enough. It has been so hot for so long that the cold water coming out of the “city” water pipes is warm enough to take a bath in on a cool Autumn day. The folks in charge really should think

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