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Let’s talk about the weather.

On its way

And unfortunately, I will probably be driving in it. So let’s hope it holds off until we get home.Or misses us entirely. That would be nice but I think wishful thinking. The flip side is that it’s currently 73˚. Rocky and Missy are loving it. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

The Crossed-Winds Rules

Thinking about replaying some of the weather posts in anticipation of unknown but surly coming weather events. This one is a good one. From April 2015. Have fun! There’s some math but don’t let that scare you. Math isn’t hard.   This is another in April’s Crappy Old Book of the Month series, Instant Weather Forecasting. You

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Short one

Time for another post if only to keep my fingers moving. Power is out. No one answered at the office–or they were so overloaded it went straight to voicemail. Fortunately, I have a guy’s cell number. He said TVA had hit some limit and everyone downstream has to shut down for 15 minutes periodically throughout

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Q: Did they get anything right?

A: Not really. The forecast low for overnight yesterday/today has been steadily going up. I think late yesterday it was about 13˚. At the beginning of the week it was 8˚. As you can see, the overnight low was 4˚ which was about 5am or so. “They”–they being the various models–forecast wind gusts a bit

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