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Let’s talk about the weather.

This was frightening!

Not to worry. My computer had just had a conversation with my printer and I had failed to flip the switch. Rain started at 3, 8/10th of an inch so far. It’s April in Mississippi.

It’s almost the weekend

It’s like a broken record. And what’s funny about that is in another 20 years most folks will understand the meaning of that but few will know what it means.

About ‘Random bit #3’

Haha! The first lightening strike was at 4:20am. The closest was 1 mile away. We got 0.40″ of rain right there over on the fencepost. We had 23 lightning strikes. The current temperature over there on the fencepost is 55 and falling; humidity 77% and rising; pressure, 29.92″ Hg and rising. I’m pretty sure my

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