Crappy Old Books of the Months

February 2019: Miss Manners’® Guide to Rearing Perfect Children: A Primer for Everyone Worried about the Future of Civilization. Judith Martin. Atheneum, New York. 1984. Amazon here. World Cat (find a library) here.

January 2019: The Standard Dictionary of Facts. Henry W. Ruoff ed. The Frontier Press Company, Buffalo, N.Y. 1914. Digital here.

November 2015: Horizon: A Magazine of the Arts (selected hardcover volumes). American Heritage Publishing. 1958-1977. Individual volumes available here; tables of contents for all hardcover volumes available here.

October 2015: Fell down on the job although I did post some cool Hallowe’en stuff from kids’ books.

September 2015: Currier & Ives: Chronicles of America. John Lowell Pratt, ed. Promontory Press, New York. 1968. (Available here.)

August 2015: American Voices: Prize-winning Essays on Freedom of Speech, Censorship & Advertising Bans. Philip Morris, USA. 1987. (Available here.)

July 2015: None. [See June. Plus my computer turned pink. Hard times.]

June 2015: None. [I had one picked out but, dude, I live on a farm. I was busy!]

May 2015: Science inYour Own Back Yard (Weekly Reader Book Club Edition). Elizabeth K. Cooper. Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York. 1960. (Original 1958 edition here; Book Club Edition here.)

April 2015: Instant Weather Forecasting. Alan Watts. Dodd, Mead & Company, New York. 1968. (1968 edition here; 2012 4th edition in paperback here)

March 2015: Anniversaries and Holiday: A Calendar of Days and How to Observe Them. Mary Emogene Hazeltine. American Library Association, Chicago. 1928;  ___ Second Edition. ___. Judith K. Sollenberger, ed., ___. 1944. (First edition here; Second edition here; Reprinted second edition paperback here)

February 2015: The essays or Counsels, civil and moral of Francis Bacon [first published in 1597, and as he left them newly written and published in 1625] including also his Apophthegms, Elegant sentences and Wisdom of the ancients. Francis Bacon. Henry Morley, ed. Donnohue, Henneberry & Co., Chicago. 1883. (Best approximation of the actual book here; Paperback here; Free Kindle version of The Essays here.)

January 2015: Crockett’s Victory Garden. James Underwood Crockett. Little/Brown and Company, Boston. 1977. (Paperback here)

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