Marica’s Other Places

Miss Missy’s School

The website for my series of children’s books, and so much more.

My objective on the home page is to sell books. But beyond that, the rest of the content is for readers of all ages. Family Reading Gifts are excerpts (web pages & PDFs) from ten chapters of the book, including Caroline Cooper’s beautiful water color illustrations. Posts for kids on topics such as writing descriptions, alliteration, importance of maps in children’s books, what makes a classic children’s book? and more are featured at the Kid Blog. The Grownup Blog has occasional posts about the book from an adult point of view, and thoughts about writing children’s books from well-known classics authors. The Times Before Miss Missy’s School has short stories about Missy and her pack.

The Old Books Blog

Don’t tell but this is a blog about everything having to do with old books.

At The Old Books Blog we post about books themselves, their authors and illustrators, old book making, printing, publishing, designing, collecting, you name it! There is a daily Project Gutenberg Daily Release post, several weekly features. Our newest series is Old Cookbooks. We have several post writers and they have vast stores of knowledge and wide-ranging interests. We’re just getting started, so how about clicking over and subscribing? Thanks!

Deep South Philosophy & Neuroscience Workgroup

A blog for Mr. Big Food’s day job. But don’t let that scare you.

The Spotify playlist is really awesome, and he changes it up from time to time. He’s featuring albums released in 1973 as well as classic Southern Rock.

And finally, Farther Along Farm in rural Mississippi

from Chapter III of Miss Missy’s School

FARTHER ALONG FARM is acres and acres of rolling pastures, woods, and pine forest tucked away in a quiet little corner of Mississippi. It’s not a working farm. Marica and John don’t grow cotton like their neighbors do. But it is a pretty farm. There’s a nice big lake with largemouth bass and other fishes for John and the heron to catch. In the middle of the lake there’s an island to camp on. And there’s a hidden pasture that’s covered under a blanket of blue in the springtime when the spiderworts bloom.

Over the years the gardens, orchards, and vineyards have gotten larger and larger. Tending them is a lot of work, but no one minds it too much. It’s awfully nice to have fresh asparagus in season, and everyone knows there are only two things money can’t buy— true love and homegrown tomatoes!