Wack it upside with a hammer

You may recall that I’ve had some problems with the Weather Monitor.

Turns out, it’s the sensor. You need to wack it upside with a hammer and wait about 30 seconds, and lookie there. There was but not longer is a signal.

Worthless piece of crap. I’ve a good mind to bang on the fence post.

This thing cost serious money. And if you search for problems with it, everyone has problems.

When it works, it’s great. But it’s a worthless piece of crap. I’m gonna go bang on it and see it I can’t bring it to its senses.

Wish me luck.

Books. They’re everywhere.

Here. Chief among the tasks to be accomplished in advance of the arrival of the Apartment’s new tenant is the cleaning and shelving of the books. This required the thorough changing of the those shelves on the left which have spent the past 10+ years in the garage. That was a chore, as was transporting it from the garage to the cleaning station to the apartment. So was sorting through the fiction, pop culture, and miscellaneous books. At the time of this photo, I’d still two boxes of art, music, crafts, etc. books for which to find a space.

There. Yesterday Mr. Big Food and I drove to Starkvegas to help a new faculty member move into her cottage. Guess what was in the U-Haul? Boxes of books!

Everywhere. This morning we went to campus. Mr. Big Food’s department has moved to a new (actually it’s an old building) and quite superior building. Guess what’s sitting on the floor in his new office?

That’s my excuse for the light posting. Books. But that doesn’t surprise you, does it?

Where’s Frank?

The other day SueK sent a link to a blog she’d found. A New Jersesian transplanted to North Carolina. Funny stuff. I can’t find the link but it is to a blog authored by someone who we both figured out was no more. Given that she was in NC, it wasn’t hard to find her obit. Died at 59. But since her blog was a free .wordpress blog, it’s still out there. Do her kids and grandchild– who she blogged about– know her ghost is still here?

I don’t know if you know about GAB, but it’s an alternative to Twitter. Anyhoo, there’s a guy– Frank– who was very active at the AoSHQ Gab Group. He’s gone silent. For about a month & a half.

So note.

If you have any kind of online presence, you need to make sure someone you trust can disappear you should you disappear. Not your spouse b/c the car crash is going to take both of you out.

Have a handwritten notebook of your logins and passwords so your loved ones can delete you. “My Mom, Marica, bit the dust. I am her daughter, and I am deleting her account.” You’ll get a lot of “likes” and you will not care ’cause I’m dead, but at least we won’t have to wonder where Frank is.

It’s enough to make me cry

It is fenced in. There is fishing line randomly strewn about. I have a Yard Guard that emits ultrasonic frequencies. I have two radios tuned into noise. I spray Liquid Fence all over the freaking place. Short of putting Rocky & Missy in there for the night I am out of ideas.