Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll

Now that I’ve gotten your attention…

More from Powerline’s The Week in Pictures as I review and have coffee.


Today is the first day of the month and I must go to two banks.

Today is the Friday before State’s opening home game.

Today is Starkvegas Errand Friday and there are additions to the usual list.

On the bright side, the tank is 1/2 full so I don’t need to stop for gas.

I may report on the state of affairs when I return to the farm. Wish me luck.


Didn’t get done anything that I wanted to get done but I did get done a lot today.

Day took a real downturn when I opened the mailbox and saw


Spiraled further down when I opened it and saw


No explanation. Just amount due + interest + penalty.

Pulled up the tax return. Dang if the amount due wasn’t what was due on the tax return. Find old check register. Log into bank, search for check #. Click on picture of check. Call Department of Revenue.

Lisa could not have been nicer. Poor thing. She said all she’d been doing today was dealing with these phone calls. Took some info, put me on hold a few, came back and told me the balance now was back to $0.

She didn’t know what had gone wrong.

I’m blaming AI, though I don’t know if we have AI in Mississippi. Heck, sometimes I don’t even know if we have much I in Mississippi–other than the all of the i’s in Mississippi.