Christmas Gift Exchange

I figured it out

The dilemma was that the Mass Organization Meeting for Miss Missy’s School takes place on December 8th. School starts the second week of January.

One cannot have a Farm filled with talking Animals and ignore Christmas.

I don’t know how guys like Tolkein and Lewis did this. There’s a lot of stuff to keep track of.

One more line to draw! John is going to give Marica the 10-volume set of Toynbee’s Study of History!

He gives Rocky a first edition of Principia Mathamatica.

Civilization is Memory

From the Introduction to Mary Emogene Hazeltine’s Anniversaries and Holidays: A Calendar of Days and How to Observe Them (1928).

“The Calendar seeks to create an appreciation of the importance of all the factors of permanent character which we have inherited from customs, traditions, great lives, and events as they were set forth day by day. To this end, it is a good thing to keeps holidays and anniversaries because they make us remember. And civilization is memory– the memory of what men have learned before us, that we may learn more.”

Fun & Games

So the Workshop has been fun, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to Miss Missy’s School. I have a lot of stuff written in my head that needs to be typed out. Most especially, Christmas Day.

By maybe the end of the month, I will be asking for volunteers. After my editor, Miss M, has been brutal, and it’s past muster w/ Daughter C, the J-Man, Kat & Tony, there will be a draft. (Miss M is me on style & grammar steroids.) But there will be a draft. And I’ll be asking for volunteers to read it.