Back on the Farm

Back on the Farm
Sorry for the Silence. We needed to do some things.

Good Puppies!
We are back in the groove now. 
There was some paprikaschitzel thing for dinner. And cabbage. And leftover salad.


I apologized for the leftover salad. I had picked a big salad when we got home and it’s on its 3rd day. It’s not like we don’t have fresh lettuce. Why are we eating a 3-day old salad? 

Easy. We do not want to be wasteful.

If I don’t keep up… I’ll be lost.

If I don't keep up... I'll be lost.

We dropped Miss M. off at MEM.

We had breakfast at a CK’s Coffee shop

where you can get a glazed donut burger.

I saw at least 1/2 dozen of these signs in yards. 
We posted some mail.

We had lunch.

Not here.

And then POOF! We were at Mr. & Mrs. Kant’s!

Delicious. Thank you!

Kids & Dog photos get a dedicated post. Thanks y’all!

Just a quick “Hello”

Just a quick "Hello"
A car waiting in a long line outside the window of a Starbucks in Nashville.

We picked our way across western & middle Tennessee today. I took some pics. I’ll share next time I have some down time. For now, let me just say you can rest assured that JESUS is doing well in this part of the country.