While My Camera… : Downtown Greenwood, Mississippi

While My Camera... : Downtown Greenwood, Mississippi
We did our Greenwood errand and then looked around, guided in no small part by the book that Daughter C. found at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi and gave to us last weekend, Off the Beaten Path Mississippi : A Guide to Unique Places* by Marlo Carter Kirkpatrick (2010).

We did our errand, parked, and strolled around. In chronological order…
Viking World Headquarters
[There will be a separate post about Viking’s presence in Greenwood, Mississippi.]
There are a number of galleries on Howard Street, the not-Main St. main street.
Read this. What a well-written sign. What a well-written paragraph. We go from the general to B.B. King.
The downtown seems to be prosperous. There are vacant buildings, but my sense is that someone will eventually do something with them. Or Viking will go out of business. 

We went in the Mississippi Gift Company, in no small part because it was mentioned in Kirkpatrick’s book. This little shop has some very nice stuff. To be honest, it’s not really my kind of stuff– I took a catalog so I could show the Girls that the Angels they made were far superior (in their uniqueness) than the angels at Mississippi Gifts that were selling for more than nothing– but it was interesting.

You can see the next shop is a book store. There’s a cafe upstairs but it stopped selling lunch before we got there so we got coffee and looked at books.
Mr. Big Food described Barry Hannah’s life to me and it was not a life I would have chosen. Some where I have a photograph of the office down the hall from Barry Hanna’s office at That School Up North.
Moving on… . Our main goal was to find the Alluvial Hotel, in no small part because we have a book that says we should find it. And we did. We were still drinking our coffees and I had a camera slung around my neck but the folks at the Alluvial didn’t seem to mind. It’s probably commonplace.

Some pictures are of better quality than others.
That was a lot of fun. Mr. Big Food thinks we might make our way to the Alluvial Hotel in Greenwood, Mississippi before all is said & done.

We crossed the street. More beautiful signs.
Mr. Big Food suggested Daughter C. and I come out for a day. That is so not me. Therefore, it might be fun!
That exchange ticked me for a minute and then I saw the Viking sign and wandered over and looked around and shouted back to Mr. Big Food that it really was a Viking Store we could go in [so I could take pictures].

I’m trying to drive traffic. “All my shiny things about me; My trip to the Viking store,” will be posted shortly.
There were several beautiful old stuff stores.
And some very interesting buildings.
Niche. As Viking goes, so goes Greenwood.

The really interesting thing is that it was a home builder in Greenwood, Mississippi who founded Viking. I learned that from the book.

Next up… antebellum churches. 🙂

“One Nation Under Dog”

"One Nation Under Dog"
I do so wish my computer was working. I’ve taken a photo– good thing, too, because Rocky just got up– and will post it as soon as I am able. They were laying on the kitchen floor. Rocky was pointed this way <– and Missy that –> ; his hip was tucked in her belly. They are being very quiet this morning. They got their dose of flea & tick repellent Monday evening, which means they can’t go in the water until Thursday. It can be something of a struggle managing them if they don’t get enough exercise, which they may not have yesterday as we were in the Delta. Despite that, this morning they are very calm. (I know, I know. Just wait until this evening!)

We talk from time to time about the dogs’ lives– even Suzy’s, rest her soul– here at the Farm. As you may recall, Daughter C. rescued Rocky from a life tied to a tree in West Point, Mississippi, a town that’s had its share of human-promoted dog fights. Missy spent most of her first five months at the shelter in West Point and had I or someone else not come along… .
I was reminded of their backgrounds while reading Althouse‘s comments on the HBO documentary, “One Nation Under Dog.” 
We don’t have HBO and even if we did I’m not sure I could watch this. (I’ve seen several other mentions of it on the World Wide Web.) I mention Rocky & Missy’s previous circumstances not to pat us on the back, but to highlight Althouse’s take-away message:

Simply put, people need to be responsible with their dogs.

A couple of weeks ago in front of the Piglet sat a young woman and her daughter and a box of lab puppies. She wanted $50 a piece for them.*  Around the time a group had a kennel of rescued rescued dogs in front of Tractor Supply Co. No, that’s not a typo. They had rescued dogs from the shelter before it was too late and they were trying to find them homes. Sad.

Wonder what he thought of “One Nation Under Dog?”

*Unemployment in my county hovers around 10-11%. It’s a county of fewer than 10,000 people. Fifty dollars might be chump change where you live, but it isn’t here. Puppies aren’t products to be sold when times are tough.

UPDATED with proper spelling of Kartoffel Suppe: The Mississippi Delta

is an interesting place. We had the opportunity to travel to Greenwood, Mississippi this afternoon. I wrote a bit about Greenwood, home of Viking, here. I’ll share photos as soon as my RAM is reseated. I have photos of some antebellum churches in Carrolton, Mississippi, also.

Back on the Farm later in the day, we baked two loaves of zucchini bread, put up (processed and froze) 162 ounces– over 10 pounds– of summer squash, and made kartoffel (sp?) soup Kartoffel SuppeKartoffel Suppe [thanks, suek!] with wieners mit Wurst [thanks, again!]. I  fixed us a lettuce-New Zealand spinach-baby round zucchini salad which we dressed with homemade egg dressing, and Mr. Big Food heated up some frozen rolls. I took some pictures.

Dogs are interesting.

Have you noticed that nothing works anymore? Nothing hasn’t worked for a very long time. I can’t tell you what number can opener we’re on. Mr. Big Food is lobbying for an electric canopener. I am lobbying against, at least until we can find a reliable handheld. Ensure backup first.

Swiss Army knife?

What does seem to be working is DNA. 
Missy needs to go out. She’s getting urgent. She’s communicating. How does all of that happen? Missy & Rocky aren’t so very different from you & I. I’ve been watching them and if they had opposable thumbs, … .


Last weekend, Missy stole a hot pork chop off the counter. I pulled most of it out of her throat. I wanted stealing the porkchop to be an unpleasant experience. 

Poor Rocky. See. Right now she’s pulling up the threads on a throw rug and he is trying to tell her to STOP. 

Now they are fighting. 

And then I had them on the verge of total control and then they heard Daughter C. come in the front door. Wild Animals. And so Daughter C. showed them who’s boss.

“Birdieable”: Is that a word?

It is if it’s almost 9pm Central on Fathers’ Day and your eye glasses were eaten by your dog last night and your computer’s RAM needs to be reseated and you are typing on the computer that you & Kat’s  Adult Male Role Model really really hate and you’ve had to re-light the Den because the concept of keyboard backlighting is apparently foreign to Bill Gates’ team.



Aside from the glasses episode, and the frog which I assume is alive or dead, and Rocky’s ever increasing sense of autonomy, it was a good weekend.
Everyone checked in with Mr. Big Food. Miss M. left a memorable message. Daughter C. ventured to Oxford, Mississippi yesterday and brought us back a great book from Square Books. Kat sent the classic card. Mr. Big Food grilled himself a good Adult Male Role Model dinner. And someone needs a birdie to tie. 

Good Lord.

Happy Fathers’ Day to Mr Big Food’s Dad and to Mr. Big Food’s Uncle. And to my brother, Mikey. It can’t be easy being a Dad these days. Thank you.

Food mi;;

As I … why aren’t PC keybpards back;oghterd?
As I mentioned, my Genius computer is acting up. Mr. Big Food lent me the computer he really really hates. Thanks. Insert a lot of complaints.  
Oh for crying out loud. I just let Missy out and the frog came in and Rocky was too excited by my excitement to catch the stupid thing. So now there’s a frog in the house. A week from now, we’ll be asking what smells. 


The Food Mill. 

In anticipation of making more dewberry jam and sauce, I bought a regulation food mill. We have a sauce maker, but we decided we needed a real food mill. It was made in China. It came with instructions.


As I am a Disabled American (meaning my MacBookPro don’t work and I’m forced to blogging on a PC), I cannot scan this, nor can I take a picture of it and upload the pic so I’ll just have to type out the words on this retarded keyboard.

781-1500 S/S Food Mill Use & Care Instructions:

1. Before the first Use: Wash with soapy water before the first use. Put them on an inverted position on clean surface to dry it naturally.

7. Store the whole set in kitchen cabinet when not in use.

In my day to day life, I utter more cuss words than I do here at the blog. But you know what? Fuck you. I’m storing you on the counter top. Take that. I get that living in China might make you ignorant of the concepts of singular and plural, but at the end of the day… . No. I do not get it.

Gran’s stuffed pork chops

Gran's stuffed pork chops

Mr. Big Food tells me he found the recipe for these stuffed pork chops written in Gran’s handwriting on the backside of the cover of one of his crappy old cookbooks.

And yes, those are prunes.

Both Mr. Big Food & I think it’s a put-together recipe. Here’s what you got. Put it together.

The kitchen table

The kitchen table
That’s round zucchini and some onions I pulled and found in the crisper and some baby carrots.
It is true that that the German lettuce is slow to bolt.

That’s right. Gordon’s Fish Filets, OreIDa tater tots, and onion rings from the Georgia Company.
Do check out that link.

Mr. Big Food & I both remarked that this was one of our Moms’ default suppers. 

Fish sticks and onion rings. Obesity. Thank God Almighty our Moms didn’t default too often.