This is not a political blog

But I do have a few things to say.

I watched the SotU address on CSpan– whose apolitical scenes are more politically charged than I’d remembered. Cutting to The Ladies in White while talking about The Virginia Governor was … politically inspired.

My take on the general point. What’s wrong with wanting to do well? What’s wrong with wanting to associate with those who do well?


Policy-wise, I could debate some issues. But good job reminding folks what it means to be an American.

Oh, man, word travels fast on the WAN

WAN: Wild Animal Network

There’s a Chuck Will’s Widow calling!

He’s desperate to find a mate.

I’ve never seen Chuck’s Will’s Widow. But I hear him.

He’s desperate to one-up his fellows by calling early.

News Travels Fast through the WAN

WAN: Wild Animal Network

Earlier today in Punxsutawney (I can spell that without looking it up), Phil proclaimed that we would not have six more months of winter. And lo & behold, the news reached Mississippi by sunset!


Their offspring are destined to perish in the next wave of coldness— which will surely come— but I admire their rush to embrace the news out of Punxsutawney.