The National Emergency Library

An email from Internet archive.

Let me remind you that I have, at last count, approx. 3430 crappy old books in my library. (Approx. Some titles slip in, fewer slip out, without begin properly recorded.)

I have been recently frustrated by not having the time to find some Guide to Daily Readings poems/essays among them– when I know they exist.

Let me just say that the best National Emergency Library you can have consists of three or four sets of encyclopedias offset by years and years.

I won a bunch of prizes writing about crappy old books and TEOTWAWKI. I’ll see if I can find the link. That will get you started.

Jiffy Soups– quick, easy, good

Please note the new page (above), Jiffy Soup Recipes. Lots of great, quick and easy soup recipes, most using canned soups as a starting point. Have had many. They are good! And inexpensive. [A sticky post.]