Fla Eta

Further strengthening is possible today while the shear remains 
low-to-moderate. However, all of the models do show increasing
shear by tonight, and the NHC forecast continues to call for
weakening of Eta as it approaches the west coast of Florida.
However, it would take only a small forecast error to allow Eta to
come ashore as a hurricane, and hence a Hurricane Watch has been
issued this morning. Rapid weakening is anticipated once Eta makes
landfall, and strong shear should prevent any regeneration over the
western Atlantic Ocean. The new forecast is a little higher than
the previous advisory, mostly due to current trends, and is closer
to the more bullish HMON and HWRF models.

I have had only one and one half cups of coffee so I’m in no position to criticize but HUH?

“To allow”


“A little higher”

Certainly seems so.

I had occasion to think of Hal this evening

Published in The Commercial Appeal on Feb. 12, 2017.

He was my failed attempt at a Masters Degree advisor before I pissed him off by knowing Dan Dennett. But I learned a lot of biology from him. Claimed to be a Mississippi Boy which the Obit does not confirm.

Pretty much everything I know about periodical cicadas I learned from Hal. Never did try his recipe for sauteed cicadas, though.

Rebecca is still alive. That bridge didn’t burn. It got bombed out and was never rebuild. There are bridges between Hungary and Czechoslovakia that were rebuilt faster than the one between RZ and me.