Just a quick “Hello”

Just a quick "Hello"
A car waiting in a long line outside the window of a Starbucks in Nashville.

We picked our way across western & middle Tennessee today. I took some pics. I’ll share next time I have some down time. For now, let me just say you can rest assured that JESUS is doing well in this part of the country.

It’s been a fun 24 hours!

This morning Miss M. and I were out on the patio enjoying the morning. Miss M. looked at the tiller that was on the patio and said, “What’s that?” Miss M. doesn’t know very much about County Life.

I replied, “A tiller.”

Later in the morning, Miss M. moved the tiller.

It was a hoot & a holler.

Miss M. thinks we should move the rocks Rocky, the Junk Yard Dog, dug up out of the front bed. Remember that?


Later in the morning, A. Leland came out and we all smoked cigarettes and drank coffee and yacked. … A. Leland read us a little story. And then he went to Starkvegas.

Miss M. and I also went to Vegas. We did some errands. We went to the Co-Op and bought some s&*^#– 400 pounds of s&*^# to be exact (10 bags)– I got a malt, we saw went to Daughter C’s office and met some folk, had a beer then supper, went home and found ourselves yacking across the picnic table.


Miss M. was dressed very nicely.

She really thought she was going to have to help load that 400 pounds of cow manure into the truck in her nice clothes. She’d have done it. But I would have paid.

As it stands, those boys were all too willing to load that manure into the truck.

They do it for me, too. But they just don’t seem all that urgent about it.


Still. Mommy +1!

It is a good-natured competition, I hope we all believe. Why else would A. Leland be here? And why else would we have put our thinking caps on to get Miss M. here now? Competition.


Who’s the funniest? Who knows the most about Zombie Land? Or Hume?


A. Leland has arrived.

Miss. M. has arrived.

Mr. Big Food & I have retired to The Den.


Arthur, Caroline, Margaret & Ruddy (A’s dog) are still yacking away at the Picnic Table on the Patio under a clear Southern Sky filled with Springtime bugs.


Elsewhere– and I’m just culling from my top sites, I’ve only recently arrived home from MEM where I fetched Miss. M.– people who thought they could be Free if only they could reach the US embassy are not doing so well. And faceless Julia is living a sad, boring life.

Both links to PJMedia. As I said, I only recently arrived home.


Missy & I had a bit of regular time. With or without Rocky sleepovers, we try to let her/them hang out in the Den for a while, and unwind, before Lights Out. It’s working pretty well.


I am unwinding, too. Driving to MEM is not that big a deal, but it’s a deal.

If this isn’t enough to tick off the Pope,

If this isn't enough to tick off the Pope,
I don’t know what is.
I highly recommend using straw as a mulch in the vegetable garden. Straw
  • retains moisture
  • modulates soil temperature
  • decomposes, adding organic matter to the veggie plot
  • inhibits weed growth
  • allows for walking through a wet garden
  • keeps fruit such as melon and squash “cleaner” 
  • looks nice.
This is #2 Bermuda grass– what’s available in my area. It goes for $7-8/bale. 

That’s about 1/3 of a bale that got blowed away.

And the thing that really ticks me off is that the wind storm didn’t carry with it much rain here. If it had rained a good inch or two, I would have done a cost/benefit analysis and convinced myself I was in the black. But no. Tomorrow I’ll have to rake up that slightly wet straw and put it back where it belongs.

Oh well. It’s not like I have anything else to do tomorrow.