Status Updates


We’ve recovered nicely from our 48hoursandcounting meltdown (happens every time).

While dining in the Front Room, we’ve casually recapped what we need to do tomorrow morning.

The last of the BBQ is cooling. The ‘perloo’ is chilling. The coofins are packed and ready to go.

The grass is amazing!

And we’ve all turned in early.

G’night. Go Dawgs.


I have the sniffles. Long time followers of know that I seldom complain (you zip your lip) about my own health. (See? wait for the qualification; you know I’m right. I don’t get sick. And when I do, I don’t complain.)

Anyway– I’m just warning you that I have the sniffles. I’m not used to having the sniffles. The sniffles make me grumpy. They make me want to say cuss words in Wal-Mart– which really ticks me off because I really do not want to be one of those people who utters audible cuss words at Wal-Mart.

I have one hour before I can transition from day- to night-time symptom medication.

A note about that. I don’t do cold & flu medication. I do tea and onions and garlic and naps and think it through that there’s a reason I have a low grade fever and I embrace my low grade fever by wrapping blankets around it. But enough is enough. And so I decided to deceive myself into thinking I *didn’t* have the sniffles by taking some OTC BS.

Anyway– point is I’m grumpy. And I’m going to go walk about the World Wide Web looking for a fight I can win.

Right on.